Getting To Know Us

Our Mission, History & Activities

Our Mission

For the promotion of efficient warehousing and distribution.

Our History

The Textile Distributors Association is the national body representing textile distributors. It was established as the Australian Wholesale Softgoods Federation in 1950 and changed its name to the Textile Distributors Association in 1989.

TDA members supply fabrics (and, in some cases, related accessories) to either clothing manufacturers, curtain manufacturers, soft furnishing and furniture manufacturers and/or to retailers. They sell both imported and locally manufactured fabrics.


Our Activities


Association activities include:

Proper Recognition

Maintaining proper recognition of the important role played by the textile distribution trade within the textiles, clothing and related industries and promoting public awareness.

Protecting and advancing

Protecting and advancing the interests of members by active participation in government enquiries and decision-making influencing the activities of textile distributors.

Regular Communication

Maintaining regular communication with and amongst members to keep them informed of relevant developments within their industry.

Improve Textile Standards

Working with Standards Australia to formulate new and improve existing textile standards for the benefit of consumers and the industry.